A new Winter Experience for your area!

The Ice Palace is a family owned corporation ready to come to your area.

Founded by the Youngstrom family

The Ice Palace was founded in 2018 by Jim Youngstrom. Jim and Shannon Youngstrom have 6 kids and they are all involved in the expansion and growth of the ice palace. We will physically travel to your location to build the ice palace and set up the systems. We have created specialized and efficient methods for a erecting this magical ice formation. We are beyond blessed to have such a hard working crew of men and women teaming up to make this happen!

Location Requirements

Parking Requirements

The parking lots needs to be gravel or paved and have a minimum of 300 parking spaces


Your areas average winter temperatures need to be at least a high of 30° and a low of 14° If your temperatures area colder that is great!


In your area, The Ice Palace requires a minimum of 1 million people within 3 hours of our location.

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